Adonis Ali Ahmad Sa’íd Asbar
(1930) was born in a small village in Northern Syria. Writing under the name Adonis since 1947, he moved to Beirut in the 1950s.....
Charles Bernstein
(1950, New York) was born in New York City. Poet, essayist, scholar, and editor, Bernstein was educated at Harvard University, and has taught at Columbia University, the University of Buffalo, Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania.
Yves Bonnefoy
(1923) was born in Tours. He studied mathematics and philosophy, and attended the art history seminars of André Chastel at École Pratique des Hautes Études.
Augusto de Campos
(1931) was born in São Paolo. Poet, translator, music critic and visual artist, de Campos was – together with his brother Haroldo de Campos – the founder of the Concrete Poetry movement in Brazil.
Knut Ødegård
(1945) was born in Molde, Norway. As a writer, critic, translator, and public intellectual, he was responsible for founding the Reykjavik International Literary Festival in 1985.
Justo Jorge Padrón
(1943) was born on the Canary Islands. With 26 collections of poetry and twenty volumes of essays and translations, Padrón is a poet with a well-earned international reputation, who has been translated into 45 languages.
Tom Raworth
(1938, London) was born in London. Writer, artist, teacher and publisher, Raworth has published over forty books of poetry and prose since 1966.
Cole Swensen
(1955) was born in San Francisco. Poet, translator, editor, critic and professor, Swensen is the author of more than twenty poetry collections and over ten volumes of translations of French poetry and prose.
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