Caroline Bergvall
(1962) was born in Germany to a Norwegian father and a French mother.
Christian Bök
(1966, Toronto) is known for his experimentalist poetry. He became engaged in poetry in his early twenties after finishing his university studies in Ottawa and returning to Toronto in 1990.
Augusto de Campos
(1931) was born in São Paolo. Poet, translator, music critic and visual artist. Augusto and Haroldo first launched the literary magazine Noigandres.
Frank Davey
(1940, Vancouver) Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, he grew up in the Fraser Valley village of Abbotsford.
Brendan Kennelly
(1936, Ballylongford), Kennelly’s poetry can be scabrous, down-to-earth and colloquial. He avoids intellectual pretension and literary posturing.
Besik Kharanauli
(1939, Tianeti) is an outstanding figure in Georgian literature, one of the most titled contemporary poets, who has authored more than twenty poetry collections and two prose books.
John Kinsella
(1963, Perth, Australia) has written over 20 books of poetry, as well as plays and fiction; he also maintains an active literary career as a teacher and editor.
Julian Kornhauser
(1946, Gliwice, Poland) was a member of the Generation of 1968, the young Polish poets who came after Szymborska, Herbert and Różewicz.
Reina María Rodríguez
(1952, Havana, Cuba). In Cuba she is recognized as a major poet and also as an advocate for non-governmental cultural spaces.
Eloy Sánchez Rosillo
(1948, Murica, Spain) remained an orphan at the age of 7 afther his father died, which defined his childhood and his later work - giving it melancholy and evanescence, resulting in an elegiac tone.
Susan Howe
(1937, Boston, Massachusetts) is an author of a number of books of poetry.
Adam Zagajewski
is a central figure in Polish and international literature. Born in Lemberg in 1945 he spent his childhood years in Gliwice, his university years in Crakow.
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